Avant la fin 6 march

The small form of this show was presented to you at the “l’Intime Festival” – Chapter 4.

On April 19, 2015, Michel Graindorge died. The committed lawyer, a public figure, was also the father of the actress and violinist Catherine Graindorge. A trivial fact quite ordinary: a man dies, a girl loses his father.

Far from homage, Catherine Graindorge tells the link between father and daughter and the loss of those we love. She returns in words, images and music over the last fifteen months of her father’s life, on their past but also and especially on the present, on these traces that leave us absent.

Telling stories, she distils emotions, plays with the absurdity of situations, manipulates the poetry of images and humor to build a beautiful story at once tender, funny and touching.

Catherine Graindorge surrounds herself with external looks, including that of Jorge León, director, playwright and photographer. She also meets Bernard Van Eeghem, an atypical artist with whom she has collaborated on several occasions.

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