Biotopia 18 June - 27 November 2022

Biotopia is a new collective exhibition combining art, science and technology around the theme of living things, plants, animals and our relationship with their ecosystems.

Biotopia, contraction of Biotope and Utopia (Utopia in English), offers a collective journey bringing together nearly 30 artists, designers, researchers (men and women) in search of new stories, new ways of coexisting. The exhibition will engage humans with the living world and explore how non-human societies can teach us to live better together and create more environmentally friendly technologies.

Living like a goat thanks to an exoskeleton and an artificial stomach (GoatMan, Thomas Thwaites), interacting with trees (Econtinuum, Thijs Biersteker), hearing the sounds made by woodworms (25 woodworms, Zimoun). Between biotope and utopia, the exhibition presents a selection of discoveries and curiosities addressed both to informed minds and to the curious from all walks of life.

BIOTOPIA mixes the gaze of Belgian and international artists, scientists or life engineers and pushes the limits of reality and perception. The exhibition is enriched with a space dedicated to the experiential, to the game. The Playground will make you live a unique encounter with interactive ecosystems.
A program of conferences, late nights and workshops will also invite you to explore innovations inspired by life — biomaterials, biodesign or biomimicry.

Le Pavillon, Route Merveilleuse, Namur, Belgique