Bug 13 march

There is Agnès, in her forties, who lives in a motel. She finds herself a little on the outskirts of her life.

There is Peter, a little younger and mysterious. Veteran of today’s American war? Deserter?

A fragile and anxious love is born between them and seems to offer them a second chance.

But Peter seems more and more grappling with the belief that he was the victim of scientific experiments by the US military that would have inoculated invisible insects under the skin to control it.

His obsession became reality is symptomatic of a new relationship that our societies have to the state, science, business, truth and lies. Societal systems imbued with the virtual create their manipulative realities. We feel the imminence of a potential disaster that the geographical rapprochement of the war only confirms. These worries, if they are not defused, are doomed to turn into fear, then hatred and / or madness.

After giving us an exceptional “Elisabeth II”, Aurore Fattier returns with his impertinent, lucid and sharp look at our contemporary society !

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