Changeons d’air le 12 et 13 septembre 2020 au fort de Saint Heribert ! 12 september - 13 september


You can visit the fort CONTINUOUS and in complete safety thanks to our tour system with a roundabout and our guides who become “Plantons” during the visit.


Exhibitions will also be offered to you throughout the weekend:

EXHIBITIONS on the two great world wars often in connection with the fort.

But Art is also invited to the fort, so we will have the pleasure of presenting you new EXHIBITIONS by artists: Sophie Patry and Claire Thiry. One will show you photos of the fort, the other will show you paintings.

Other EXHIBITIONS organized by the fort itself are at your disposal such as the birds of the fort, the plants, the trees, humor in 1914, photos of the bombings of 14 and 40 on Namur, on the forts of Namur , plans of the fort, armament, etc.

Nature walk

Sunday at 2:30 p.m., wild plants walk on the site of the fort.

Fort de Saint-Héribert, Route des Forts, Namur, Belgique

+32478 40 77 78

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