Contest throw flags 11 may

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, the Namurois Alfers, a folklore group of players and flag throwers of Namur, together with the non-profit organization ASBL Hoogwerpers, organizes the 2019 edition of the World Flags Throw Championship. it is in our Walloon Capital, at the foot of the Citadel on the Place d’Armes in Namur, that the World Championship will set its flag. Not less than 50 flag throwers from all over Europe, from Belgium to Wallonia. and Flanders – Germany, Switzerland and Italy) will try to throw their flag as high as possible and will compete in order to win the world title with a record of 13.7m The Championship will start at 12h with the entries of competitors in the 3 categories (16-year-olds, women and men), all of whom are from flag thrower groups, then continue the afternoon with the elimination stages and finally finish with the final of the youth and the women and the end During this afternoon, various Namur Brotherhoods will be present to offer you the good products of our beautiful region, be it in solid or liquid form. All profits generated during this event will be donated to the action. charity Viva For Life thanks to the profits generated by the Brotherhoods but also by the sponsorship of our sponsors, who will pay a sum proportional to the number of meters launched! Let us underline in passing that the entry is free for all and all the different folk groups Namurois will do us the honor to be present in costume in order to enhance their presence this beautiful event! It is also on this date and at a flagstop only of the place of arms that the Molons of the Royal Moncrabeau Society organize their traditional Daniel Lhoir Challenge dedicated to children. This eloquence contest in Walloon will be punctuated by various performances by the children of the Masuis folk dance group. Suffice to say that this Saturday, May 11, Namur will be celebrating!

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