Expo: 1921 – 2021 L’œuvre de Franz Kegeljan vue par cinq photographes namurois 11 September 2021 - 18 April 2022

Outdoor exhibition on the work of the Namur artist painter Franz Kegeljan seen by five Namur photographers.

Free access.

Marc Antoine studied at the Institut Saint-Luc de Liège. Coming from a family of printers, he worked for a long time in the graphic arts and advertising industry. “Photographist” is how he defines himself because photography has long been his main writing style. He has reported extensively for magazines, theaters and street art companies. His favorite fields are the spectacle and the portrait. Alongside his reports, he develops personal work. He looks at the city and its evolution, after a first series entitled “Smart City” and another called “Vitrines de Namur”, he is currently developing a series focused on his city and its changes. Other series are in progress, “ghost town”, “Strange Wallonia”, “Nord (s)”, “Made in Belgium”. He has had the opportunity to present his work at numerous exhibitions in Belgium and abroad.


Vincent Ferooz: A 52-year-old native of Namur, he has been a passionate photographer since 2012. The opportunities have come a little by chance, leading him into the professional field. Specialized in architecture, real estate and tourism, his vocation remains landscape photography in Belgium and abroad, Namur still being his favorite subject.


Philippe Piraux: Philippe Piraux began photography at the end of the 1980s to illustrate his projects during his studies in industrial design. Since then, he has never left his devices. A graduate of the IEPS in photography (Namur 2001), he waited almost 20 years before devoting himself fully to his passion. His designer gaze naturally oriented his photographic work towards industrial fields, heritage and architecture.


Sébastien Roberty: Papa Namur in love with images, he started photography in earnest in 2017 and immediately caught the virus. A few lessons and a lot of practice made it slowly become his profession. He tries to make his place with his style and create images that have a soul while reflecting his reality. The camera is the microphone through which he expresses his thoughts, emotions and feelings in order to share them with as many people as possible. ”


Florian Tourneux: Florian Tourneux is 28 years old and graduated from ESA Saint-Luc in Liège in 2017. He is adept at slow photography and at a distance from the noise of the news. In film, preferably. His graduation book “Immram” was exhibited at the Museum of Photography in Antwerp in 2019. Among the themes that are close to his heart: a work on the Shoah exhibited in 2020 at the Cultural Center of Namur and at the Abattoirs of Namur.

Terra Nova, Namur, Belgique

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