Le Pavillon en phase-test (pop-up) 13 march - 13 june

The Pavilion is unveiled for the first time in Namur in pop-up mode.

The objective of this test phase? Understand the place, go to meet the public and, together, co-construct the future routes to be taken.

In 2021, the Pop-up Pavilion will host: the Humans / Machines exhibition.
This first exhibition explores the complex relationship between man and machine. Indeed, faced with the emergence and development of digital technologies, the subject has taken on a new meaning.
Through the eyes of artists, students, researchers and entrepreneurs, the exhibition questions the implications of the development of artificial intelligence technologies and their limits in imitating natural processes, human behavior and creativity.
The public will discover the world of deepfakes, robots, machines imitating humans and environments generated by algorithms.

And a play area called the Playground and moments of meeting.
An interactive space dedicated to play and experimentation offers a window into the advantages of technology in terms of creativity. Within the Playground, ideal for ages 7 to 777, our five senses are brought to life by the cream of digital culture.
Interactive installations born from the fertile imagination of a few dreamers, creators, inventors, makers, … coupled with technological innovation
make the impossible possible: becoming Picasso’s muse or swinging in the stars are no longer the exclusive prerogative of Morpheus.

At the Pavilion, we do not joke with wonder!

Le Pavillon, Route Merveilleuse, Namur, Belgique


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Circulation des Namourettes perturbée, temps d’attente plus long que la normale.  Toutes nos excuses pour ce désagrément.