Walt Disnerds 18 march

Stage with : Eric Vandervelde : drums. Christophe Collignon : sousaphone. Marti Melià : Sax. Sébastien Van Hoey : Trombone

With jubilation, four musicians trace the story of Walt Disney cartoons, from his first feature films to the present day, articulating them around a timeline. Stops in music and accessories are made on some of his most iconic and popular productions. The sound illustrations are rearranged and played by instruments different from those used in the original version.

The musicians propose a rereading with fanfare, using instruments sometimes unrecognized such as the trombone or the sousaphone, in particular. In “Nerds” who respect (translate “young adults with asocial tendencies and disproportionately focused on the intellect”), they adopt an offbeat behavior and outfit that makes them both hilarious and endearing.

Recommended from 6 years old.

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