In groups

Need a good plan to make the most of your day in Namur?

The groups service from Tourist Office has a special service to help you plan your excursion. A made-to-measure service that takes into account the time available to you, your budget and preferences to make the most of your day in Namur.

Découvrez nos coups de coeur

Gourmet Excursion
Citadel of Namur
Saint-Loup Church

Découvrez nos nouveautés

Sainte-Julie’s Church
Bioul Castel
Escargotière de Warnant (snail farm)
Fort Bayard
Games without borders
Treasure hunt

Parking Hôtel de Ville de Namur, Rue des Dames Blanches 5000 Namur, Belgium

+32 81 24 60 23

+32 81 24 71 10

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