Epidermique 23 - 27 May 2023

A powerful and touching show that starts from the tattoo to question the human, what we want to keep, what we remember…

In the era of the disposable, the ephemeral, at a time when it is common to regularly change jobs, partners, places of life where, it seems, nothing is fixed, the tattoo, him, imposes itself for life.
Here will be told stories of tattooed men and women who do not know each other and will never know each other and who nevertheless have accomplished the same journey, the same odyssey. A passage between what we will no longer be and what we are becoming. And in this kind of act, there is always living and dead, the present and the past.
The tattoo acts here as a pretext to address stronger and more important subjects that affect us as human beings: personal advancement, the accomplishment of trials, the battle against illness, mourning, resilience. This show is adapted from a text by Héloïse Guay de Bellissen and the red thread of the adaptation is drawn by the relationship between a father with Alzheimer’s and his daughter. Through the stories of tattoos and tattooed people, she will revive the memory of her father.

8:30 p.m.

Théâtre Jardin Passion, Rue Marie-Henriette, Namur, Belgique