Reflections: Merovingian craftsmanship revealed to the Bateliers 3 March - 24 September 2023


From March to September 2023, the Les Bateliers museum center invites you to see beyond the mirror with an exhibition concocted by the Archaeological Museum of Namur.

The Merovingian period, the beginning of the High Middle Ages, is still too often seen as a dark and “barbaric” period. And yet, behind this demeaning image, hide know-how to highlight! Glassware, ceramic vases, pearl necklaces, brooches, richly decorated belt elements, bone combs and textiles testify to the technological richness of this period.

Archeology 2.0 and new technologies now allow you to learn more about the techniques used for the manufacture, use and recycling of these objects to sometimes take you to the very heart of the material.

Discover the different facets of Merovingian craftsmanship through a resolutely revealing exhibition. A visitor’s guide and an educational booklet for families will also be available.

LES BATELIERS Musée archéologique de Namur, Rue Joseph Saintraint, Namur, Belgique