Sculptures in the City: Michelangelo Circo 1 April - 1 June 2023


Exhibition of metal sculptures that evoke time, space and our origins.

The geometric shapes are inspired by fields as diverse as biology, botany, mathematics and history
A different vision of mathematics, physics and philosophy through the Art of sculpting in matter.

Can art lead to mathematics, physics and philosophy? For Michelangelo Circo, it is obvious. Since his earliest youth, this sculptor has been looking for answers to the essential questions raised by life, death and gravity on Earth. His attention focused on the recurring presence of geometric shapes in fields as diverse as biology, botany, mathematics and even history. Over time, these figures marked and then inspired the artist who decided to dedicate his work to them. From April 1 to June 1, Michelangelo Circo will exhibit several corten steel sculptures in the Jardins du Maïeur, including Rector, Œil Doré, Plasma and Quantum Intrication. During the summer, other monumental sculptures will take over the city!

With the return of sunny days, Street Art artists will also be able to express their creativity in Namur and thus enrich the urban art route. Three new frescoes are scheduled for the coming months: a work by Hell’O Monsters in homage to Félicien Rops (rue Fumal), a painting by Mehsos dedicated to an artist from Namur rue Jean-Baptiste Brabant (near the future Palais de Justice ) and a third work designed by the artist Iota on the theme of intra-family violence (avenue Albert Ier).

A new plan will soon be released in paper version accompanied by a new application listing artistic works in Namur, both sculptures and Street Art frescoes.

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Jardins du Maïeur, Namur, Belgique