The donkeys of François

François is a certified Nature Guide with the Belgian Naturalist Circles Tourist Guide, Nature Discovery Guide at the Commissariat Général du Tourisme and a tourist ambassador for the province of Namur.

François is also an Adeps instructor, so he can offer you quality supervision during walks with or without donkeys.

Nature – animals – walking – meeting other people

“François’ donkeys” are nature walks with donkeys and accompanied by François. But they also offer birthday packages, internships…

François focuses on 3 main areas:
Awareness of nature, respect for animals and meeting other people. All at a walking pace….

Donkey rides

The walks are done with donkeys and you are accompanied by François, a passionate nature guide. The walks are reserved exclusively for you. There is nobody else but your group.

Besides the walk itself, naturalist explanations are given along the way, either through anecdotes, photographs or animations. We talk about what we see. François is sure to amaze you with all the little things that surround us.

One child at a time on each donkey. Cirrus and Nougat can carry up to 40kg, while Julien, our strong fellow, carries people weighing up to 85kg! The parents are the donkey drivers.

If there are several children, a rotation is foreseen according to the number of children.


Rue de la Ferme 24, Bossière 5032 Gembloux, Belgium