Fourmis 10 july - 30 september

Exhibition in the City

Remember, last summer, Lilian Bourgeat took over the public space with a giant bench, monumental boots, an oversized ruler. In a constant search for play and the interaction between art and the viewer, the artist had thus brought a pinch of humor into the daily life of Namur residents. This summer, as part of Sculptures dans la Ville, French artist Nicolas Eres will transform the urban landscape. Present in Belgium for the first time, its giant red ants have already climbed the walls of the Town Hall.

They are preparing to colonize the rue des Brasseurs before taking over the walls of the Théâtre de Namur and Galeria Inno. His sculptures, both imposing and minimalist, are a eulogy to lightness. The metal lines impose themselves on the space, they highlight the volumes and sublimate the facades, transforming them into a playground and creativity for the artist.

Place du Théâtre 2, 5000 Namur, Belgique

+3281 24 71 18

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