Military heritage - Fort of Saint Héribert


Fort of Saint-Héribert – a historic site

The Fort of St-Héribert is one of the nine forts making up the fortified position of Namur established at the end of the 19th century in Belgium. This fort was built from 1888 to 1892 according to the plans of General Brialmont. Unlike the French forts built at the same time by Séré de Rivières, this fort was made of unreinforced concrete, a new material for the time, instead of masonry. During the siege of Namur in August 1914, the fort was heavily bombarded by German artillery. Fort Saint-Héribert was upgraded in 1930 in the hope of preventing or slowing down a, then hypothetical, German attack. In 1940, he was attacked on May 15 and captured six days later. Since the summer of 2013, the fort has been undergoing rehabilitation.

Route des Forts, 5100 Namur, Belgique

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