Military Heritage - The forts

An unknown and often surprising world, the countryside around Namur offers an exceptional military heritage. Namur’s  fortified Position forms part of this complex but interesting domain. Under the orders of General Brialmont, nine strategic forts were built on either side of the river Meuse in order to ensure maximum protection against any potential French invasion. Here is a list:

– Fort of Cognelée
– Fort of Emines
– Fort of Marchovelette
– Fort of Malonne
– Fort of Saint-Héribert
– Fort of Suarlée
– Fort of Andoy
– Fort of Dave
– Fort of Maizeret

Only the forts of Saint Héribert and Emines are open for visits.

The fort of Saint Héribert offers various activities throughout the year: Fête de la musique concerts, nature trips, historical day, exhibitions…

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