Le Jardin des Secrets

Many stories have a tale to tell: Gardens are a place of secrets. They think and whisper without causing any disturbance in their surroundings.

Maybe it is gold buried deep beneath, down there, by the old shed…

Maybe. The secrets are concealed under the trees, on a bench, in a daydream, a kiss, a conversation, leaving an abundance of memories and poetry in the air between the branches.

A characteristic of memories is that they are forever linked to places where the gardens are invisible fortresses. They sometimes offer this silent inspiration for a poem, a sculpture, a painting, some contemplation.

The secrets have their gardens, as not everything can be made, created, or done anywhere. You can tell a Space from a place by its spirit. Some spaces, like some lamps, have their own genie. You inevitably feel the spirit of the place. It invites. It inspires. It enshrouds and appeases. It puts a smile on your face and changes our relation to time. Space expands, yet the stars get closer.

We stroll in the gardens, we rest, we reconnect with the elements, we talk and we ponder. They reflect a smaller version of the vast universe and for that, we plant, trim and gather the mysteries of life. Each season transforms the garden and passes its secrets onto the next.

“Le Jardin des Secrets” is a haven of peace from where you will enjoy coming out as a different person.

Chaussée de Dinant 131, 5000 Namur, Belgique

+32 471 83 58 22