For the Glacetronome, ice cream is more than a cone and two scoops; it is fine cuisine. Come and discover the flavours created by Baudouin Lénelle and his team: then you will understand that ice cream here is a culinary art in its own right.

Taught from the earliest days the craft of ice cream making by his mother Carmen, Baudouin now shares his passion with all those who want to savour a pleasurable moment in a select environment.

You can enjoy your ice cream strolling along the banks of the Meuse in a spaced out and relaxing area. The Glacetronome is the closest house to the Enjambée, the splendid footbridge that now connects Namur and Jambes.

Or maybe you would rather sit comfortably in the cosy living room where Loïc, Charlotte, Rémi, Sam, Noémie and their team will welcome you with a big smile for a gourmet break with sweet flavours.

Rue Mazy 73, 5100, Namur, Belgique

0493 93 35 33