Tendance glacée

Tendance Glacée is THE place to buy ice cream or frozen cakes in Namur. It is located in Flawinne and run by Maryne Poppe, awarded a prize for “Best Belgian Ice-Cream Craftsperson”.


With a passion for ice cream since her earliest childhood, Maryne decides to put an end to her advertising studies in 2011 and follows a training course in ice-cream making, taking her relatives by surprise.

Less than two years later, at the end of March 2013, the opportunity arises to take over the Allard bakery in Flawinne. There she sets up her ice cream shop “Tendance Glacée”, shop and workshop, while maintaining the sale of the traditional “Baisers de Flawinne“.


She creates hand-crafted ice cream using quality natural products from local producers as far as possible and transforming them with passion.


There you will discover unforgettable flavours, from the simplest to the most original ones.


Rue Marcel Vandy 43, 5020 Namur, Belgique