Le Théâtre de Namur

One of the last and most beautiful theatres in Europe, designed in the 19th century Italian style.
After its destruction in a fire, the theatre was rebuilt in 1863 using sandstone, a rare material in Namur. It has a magnificent façade on three levels: on the second level, you can see two statues representing Comedy and Music.
Once inside, you find yourself in a beautiful hall of blue, grey and gold, with a great sparkling chandelier.

The theatre was completely refurbished in 1998 by the architects Thierry Lanotte and Pierre Lamby, and possesses the latest and most sophisticated technical and stage equipment.

The “Théâtre” fresco by French painter Garouste has adorned the ceiling of the theatre’s Foyer since 16th December 1999
It has seen great success over the last ten years with its eclectic programme.

Place du Théâtre, Namur, Belgique

+32 81 226 026




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