Sapristi! Ethical and/or ecological objects for magical moments!

The ‘Slow deco’ boutique that brings a little extra soul to your living rooms.
* made ethically and, as far as possible, meeting eco-responsible criteria;
* local but also foreign creators or producers, in the same spirit;
* from recovery.

An informed purchase

The idea is to transmit clear information to the customer, through:
* an identity card accompanying the products offered for sale;
* highlighting local designers and eco-ethical brands;
* additional explanations to customers;
* activities with external partners.

A shop that is also a cooperative with a social purpose
Holy shit! is a decoration shop in the form of a cooperative society with a social purpose. It therefore works with citizen cooperators who invest in the project.

Rue des Brasseurs 13, 5000 Namur, Belgique


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