Le Temps des Cerises

A most typical address in old Namur
Expect to pay €25 for a good meal. A small white and red dining room. There are also some small rooms upstairs but consider making a reservation!

The walls are displaying the signatures of celebrities who have passed through.

The fact that it is a favourite of winemakers is a good sign (the fact that it is referred to in a song of J.-B. Clément is as well!)
A warm welcome and a relaxed atmosphere for tasty and carefully-cooked cuisine, made only with fresh products of the region.

Flavours we thought we had lost!

A few dishes: baekehoffe (pig’s groin), Sambre et Meuse sauce, one of the main attractions of the House, escargots à la namuroise (snails Namur-style), jambonneau à la bière, à la moutarde (ham cooked in beer or mustard), cassolette namuroise (rice, kidney and veal “au peket”, the local gin), crème brûlée Florange-style.

There is a new themed menu every second month.

Every day at lunchtime, guests can choose the “three-course, double choice” menu for €23.

The wine menu is full of delicious and undiscovered names.

Rue des Brasseurs 22, Namur, Belgique

+32 81 22 53 26



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