Coddy (Urban Escape Games)

The concept of urban Escape Game

A large-scale escape game, on your smartphone, in the middle of Namur guided in a course that takes you to solve puzzles and games in the city centre. In the citadel or on the banks of the Meuse, you will be able to accomplish your missions by being geolocated by the application.

Namur in a different way

Coddy are Escape Games with of course riddles to solve and clues to help you (in case all the neurons don’t work…). There are also missions to carry out: places to reach in a given time, photos to take, videos, … Throughout the game you will walk around Namur, which will allow you to (re)discover this city while playing. This is the opportunity to see Namur in a different way


4 escape games

  • The Alchemist
  • Discover Namur
  • Rise of the Dead Namur
  • Investigation: The Walter case –  Namur


More info on Coddy Games Website

4 escape games


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